Getting Started

Here we are! Finally transitioning to this family blog. Below is a bit of an update I posted on Caring Bridge on where we are right now. As I have more time I’ll get more of the background of the past three months up here, but for now you can find out more about the most recent events in our lives on our Caring Bridge site here


Hello, friends! It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated here…a whole week. Quite a change from last month when you would see us updating sometimes multiple times a day, huh? I’m guessing that many of you have been wondering, how are we doing? As you can imagine, the response to that can be long and varied depending on what day and even what hour you ask us. But the short answer is that we are doing ok. It is incredibly hard in many different ways to return to our lives missing a member of our family, but underneath all of the sorrow and pain we continue to trust in God to bring us through this season and to somehow bring healing. We feel His love for us, especially through all of the cards, Facebook messages, emails, hugs, gifts, and loving presence of so many friends and family. Thank you for continuing to love and support us. Every single word and act of love you’ve shown us has blessed us, and even though we may not have (yet) responded to you, please know, we are so deeply grateful for the many varied gifts you’ve given to us.

Life is starting to look more “normal” for us, except, obviously, it’s not the normal we were expecting. Two small children are very persistent motivation to get out of bed in the morning whether I want to or not. And i find myself having a hard time concentrating on tasks or being able to make plans. Tears continue to come in unexpected and varied places for me. I did, however, start back at work this week and am working four days a week (three days in the office and one at home). Gabe and Jed are attending Day Camp at our church and loving being able to be with their friends each morning. And Adrin is also back at work a few days a week as well.

We have noticed that each of us is grieving Naomi’s absence differently. My sister gave us a book called Tear Soup that is the story of an older woman, Grandy, and her husband, Pops, who have suffered a big loss. Grandy decides to make tear soup. Meanwhile, Pops is making his own soup and it is very different from Grandy’s. The book tells the story of their journeys through the grieving process using the metaphor of making soup with the initial ingredient being tears, but then also including memories, and time with friends, some exercise, and eating well plus lots and lots of time. It’s beautifully illustrated and addresses so many of the aspects of this journey that we are experiencing. And it’s been a book we’ve been able to share with our boys to give them some language and a way to talk about what they are going through as well. Another book we are reading often was given to us by some dear friends from Harvest Palos called “There’s a Party in Heaven.” again, a beautifully illustrated book that talks about how amazing heaven is…and that we are all invited. Near the end is this:

“The dreams of my heart will finally come true, it’s out with the old, and in with the new
And God has some special surprises for YOU in Heaven!”

Gabe’s observation was “Naomi has already gotten her surprises.” Yes, she has indeed.

We have set up a family blog that can be found at I’ll warn you now, there is not much there yet, but as we have time we will get going and will be posting there instead of here. I’d like to eventually transfer most of the posts from this site there, but that will be a big project!

Again, thank you all for continuing to walk with us and to grieve with us and to celebrate Naomi’s life with us. Life is so precious and we have such a gift in each other, in family and friends and in the love freely given to us by God through Jesus. May you love and know that you are loved today.



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