Getting Out of Dodge

Tomorrow we leave for a two-night getaway as a family to Lake Geneva, WI. Thanks to the ever fabulous Groupon, we’ll be staying here. Tomorrow is kind of a big day…the 22nd…one month into our new normal life, so its good that we have something fun as a family to do. Lake Geneva holds special memories for us as eight and a half years ago Adrin and I exchanged our vows to live the rest of our lives together, walking through the ups and downs together, as we certainly have done in recent days, in a little chapel across the street from the Lake Geneva Youth Camp. Adrin grew up spending his summers at LGYC and his dad, an architect by profession, designed many of the buildings at the camp as well as the Lake Geneva Bible Chapel, where we got married. We’ve spent a few anniversary celebrations in Lake Geneva, but this is the first time we’ll have a family trip up there. We look forward to the days when our boys are old enough to attend LGYC as campers…its a wonderful place with a great outreach to kids every summer.

We’re planning on doing some swimming at the resort pool, mini-golfing, maybe hiking and/or heading up to Old World Wisconsin (depending on the temperature) plus eating some good food. But the big event we’ve been talking about is going to see Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. See, we have this special jar, called the “Warm Fuzzy Jar”, which holds a couple dozen cotton balls. (Thanks goes to our friend Jess for the great idea!) When we catch the boys doing something kind or above and beyond what we normally expect of them, they earn a “warm fuzzy,” aka a cotton ball, that goes in the jar.

Once the jar is filled up we get to do something fun and special as a family. We’ve spent quite a bit of time re-establishing and working on boundaries and expectations these past few weeks, as to be expected after the crazy lifestyle we had for some time. The boys have been doing really well and are only three warm fuzzies away from having the jar filled! This time we’ve decided to go see Ice Age 4…the boys LOVE the Ice Age series. We have the first movie on DVD and they watch it All. The. Time. And honestly, I think its pretty funny too! I fully expect them to get the last three warm fuzzies before the end of the trip and that we’ll get to see Ice Age…I’ll let you know how it turns out! 🙂

As per usual, we are not packed…guess I better go get to that. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of me and the boys to enjoy!

Gabe having a “snack lunch” with his food in a mini muffin tray.


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