Momma Knits

The me I knew before was in love with my kitchen. Yes, I knit and I enjoyed some crafty things, but mostly I loved to cook, to plan meals, to eat good food and to talk about food with my family. We like food, what can I say?

But the new me is not at all interested in cooking. I watch my friend tending her garden and making jam from scratch and I am amazed. I think about how I used to bake bread (albeit using my bread machine for the knead/rise cycle) and make yogurt. I have no desire to do so now. Perhaps my kitchen itch will return one day, but for now my new outlet and obsession…knitting!

The reality is I don’t knit as much as I’d like but I find myself constantly thinking about what I have to get done in order to sit down on the couch at night and knit. I’m not a fast knitter and its not like I’m going to start cranking out all my family’s clothes in wool knits this winter (I don’t think they’d be that into it anyway), but the feel of the fibers in my hands and the tiny bamboo needles is soothing. Also, before, I used to hate working with double point needles (for those non-knitters reading this see this for a definition of DPN’s). Right now I’m working on a (second!) sock to complement the one I made while in the hospital and loving the DPNs. Socks have a lot of stitches and this one is plain…just straight knitting. In fact the pattern is called “Mindless Socks” which is just perfect for me right now. Lots of tiny stitches and no need to think about what I’m doing. So my sock goes with me everywhere…in the car, at the pool, at home…whenever I have a few minutes I get a little therapy in!



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