The couch

This week was actually the first week of summer where we haven’t had anything “unusual” planned. Adrin and I both worked our normal schedules. The boys were home with Adrin the days I was in the office. And what do two boys at home with their dad do in the dog days of summer?

Rearrange the furniture, of course! This is what greeted me when I walked into the house Monday evening, courtesy of Interior Designer Mr. G:


Who wouldn’t want their couch in the dinning room? I mean, I’m always telling Gabe he is not allowed to eat in the living room area, he has to eat in the dinning room or kitchen. So of course he moved the couch to the dinning room in order to be able to eat on the couch! He was not too pleased with my announcement Tuesday morning that we will not be eating on the couch, even though it is in the dinning room. (FYI, the couch has now returned to the living room much to the boys disappointment!)

We live in a two bedroom (but two bath!) condo and as the boys have gotten older we have started feeling the limits of our space more. However, the reality is that we do have ample, usable space, it just is filled with a lot of stuff. So we have been on a quest to purge and organize our space to fit us and our uses the best we can. Oftentimes it feels like a never ending process, but we did make some headway this morning as we purged a bunch of toys and books from the boys room that they no longer use. Here is the pile that’s headed for Goodwill on Monday.

And there’re is plenty more to come in the days ahead!


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