Going Slow

This will be short as today my body has said, “time to go slow”

A deep sleep in the wrong position left me waking in pain and unable to move my neck.

But I am grateful…

for a job where I can work from home and a boss who understands

for a husband to bring me food and medicine and make me laugh (but not too much!)

for a young son who prayed for me and makes sure his older brother is careful around me

for the prospect of quick recovery and not a long illness causing this pain

for memories of sunny St. Lucia nine years ago

for the anticipation of some girl time this evening

These are the gifts of life…grace for this day.

(and some fun from last weekend’s trip to Legoland included below)





2 thoughts on “Going Slow

  1. Lacy, I read every post and send so much love and prayers from afar. Your walk inspires me every day, and increases both my joy and my gratitude. May God’s great kindness and mercy be deeply with you today and every day. Hugs, friend.

  2. I am a list-lover, and what better than a list of things you are thankful for even in the midst of pain. A great reminder for us all.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, yesterday. So glad to have found your stories and testimonies of God’s goodness over here at “Some Smiths.” Following you now in bloglovin’ so I can stay in the loop on your musings and adventurings.

    Sending love!

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