Five Minute Friday: SEE

Five Minute FridayToday’s prompt from Lisa Jo is SEE! Five minutes, no editing…here we go…


I see a mother whose belly would have been rounding out by now, full of life.

I see a father, so proud of his son, but so broken because he is now gone, putting one. Foot. In. Front. Of . The. Other.

I see a brother, still so young, missing his little sister and in the same breath loving his favorite toy, embracing life but feeling the empty spot in his soul, not even having words to describe how it feels.

I see a husband faithfully loving his wife through the broken. Serving her, feeding her, praying that she will someday see the sun again and emerge from the darkness that covers her soul.

I see so much pain. I believe God sees it to.

I see a Savior, with hands bloody, who sits down in the midst of the darkness and weeps with His broken children. I see Him gently tending the wounds of the soul, whispering words of hope – This. Is. Not. The. End. I have overcome. Believe in Me and you will have life.

I see men and women walking through the deepest dark, clinging to the One who makes all things new in raw faith that feels so small.

I trust I will see the day when Jesus will redeem all our pain and sorrow.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: SEE

  1. I feel like we should know each other. My husband and I have five boys. Between #3 and the twins (#4 and 5), we lost a baby girl. It was a hard, hard, hard time. I have written a whole lot about it because God used that time to show me an even greater love than I could ever have imagined. Sorrow and love are mysteriously entangled, and we learn this somewhere along the way, somewhere on that journey back out of the dark.

    • Rachel, thank you for commenting and sharing a bit of your story. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby girl. Yes, that love…carrying us through and eventually out of the dark. It is a long journey. I look forward to reading more of your writing. So glad to have connected with you!

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