These Days of Winter

While it no longer looks like winter here (but they say we’ll wake up to snow in the morning), a few weeks ago we had a bunch of the white stuff. While I have in no way been complaining about the second unusually mild winter in a row this year, the males in my house were overjoyed to finally have some white stuff on the ground with which to play and are then quite saddened by the rain which has melted it all away.

Two Saturday’s ago we all had a blast sledding for a few hours in the cold sunshine.

DSC01926 DSC01934 DSC01944 DSC01995But since we haven’t had much opportunity for outdoor play in the snow, what with lots of rain and mild temperatures, we’ve had to find other ways to keep busy…

DSC01889 DSC01895like water colors. The boys and I had a blast making these. I saw the idea here.

And then we were on to messier endeavors…


DSC01907 DSC01909Life with these two crazy ones is so precious. Loud, wild, exhausting…yes! But so so beautiful even in all the crazies. They are full of LIFE and I love them so. And that man who is far more adventurous with them than I even am? There are no words to say how much I love him.


Thank you, God, for these precious ones you’ve given to me.