Sometimes you just have to have some fun…

So tonight we had some fun dressing up. Of course the boys have been at it all week.

Spiderman and the White Ninja have had the run of the place. Tonight Dad put in an appearance as Clay Matthews.

And then there was this Crazy Yarn Lady running around as well.

Spidey got tired and went home. So instead we had a second little Packer who wanted to be like Daddy.

We did our trick-or-treating at the high school last night. They both had fun with parties at school today. And then tonight was dinner out at Smashburger (yummo!) and BOGO at Caribou. The boys traded their candy for a new toy, which is our tradition…keep us from having to fight over the candy in the coming days and makes it still totally fun for them!

And the festivities are just beginning around here. Someone is turning six (!!!) next week. With a party this weekend and breakfast in bed already ordered for next Thursday, we’ve got our work cut out for us. This guy is just growing up so fast! Love him so!